A Poem for Students Who Became a Victim of Our Schooling

Where bullying is a culture,
And degradation is a norm,
Where relationships are fake
And grades are God,
Where you have to pretend to be strong,
Even when everything is going wrong,
Where ‘mocking’ is considered being ‘straight forward’,
And emotions can’t be expressed even if you are stressed and depressed,
Where competitions are so high that you cannot stoop low,
And you have to keep pretending like you are in a reality show,
Where they make you feel inferior because you are a failure,
And they take pride in them being superior,
Where you cannot dare to share your pain,
Or everyone will consider you mad or insane,
A place that you call ‘school’,
And I call it a place full of soulless fools!

To Me, From Me!

This is going to be a very random blog. I have been thinking of creating a blog for so long where I could just simply put my thoughts and where I could write whenever I would need to clear my mind or where I could write things which needed to be heard by the world.

More often than not, that ‘perfectionism’ thought  where- the perfect day, the perfect time, and my oh-not-so-perfect thoughts would come and I would write them down then for the world to read – hindered me from writing anything.

Sometimes the thought of people judging me for my writings would hinder me from writing anything at all.

Sometimes the thoughts of being immature would become an obstacle.

I would write quotes, sometimes small paragraphs under the ‘Anonymous’ pseudonym.

Today, however, am taking the courage to write- anything or everything. Not for the people to read but just for all the load to unload here that’s been circulating in my mind for so many years.

So dear Irum,

While your thoughts could still be immature, perhaps deteriorated as well,

While you still need to grow and need to work on yourself,

While most of your thoughts could still be considered as ‘stupid’,

While you are still naive, prolly naively-arrogant or naively-ignorant,

But, you need to take the courage of writing your thoughts…

For your ownself first and foremost.

Perhaps, this will not help anyone but would help your ownself after two years, or who knows, it could be twenty too?

How to deal with People’s Harms And Negativity?

Imam Ibn al Qayyim mentions 11 ways of dealing with the harms and negativity of people in his book Madarij as Salikeen.

Warding off someone who tries to harm you should be done with the least force and then some other force should be applied.

The Muslims all across the world can benefit from the minds of scholars of Islam and how to deal with the problems.

Sometimes we as young people have our own problem solving skills but let’s study from the minds of scholars today.

  1. When you are confronted with some transgression of people then the first thing you should observe is the Qadr of Allah. That whatever is happening is from the Qadr of Allah and know that it was from Allah and deal with it just like you deal with the extreme cold and extreme hot.

When people say negative things about you whether from they are Muslim or non Muslim, accept it as a decree of Allah. What Allah wishes to occur would happen, what Allah doesn’t won’t happen. When a person realizes it, he’d find tranquility and he’d realize that he should not be anguished or upset of the sickness or death.

So, a Muslim realizes that patience should be shown and that it is mandatory for him to show patience. Likewise, he witnesses the good outcome that comes from the patience. And the happiness and joy that a person feels from patience. The patience will make him free of the regret of repaying ignorance with ignorance. Being patient will free him from the regret which comes from the revenge taken against another human being, especially when that human being is a Muslim.

Shykh Muhammad ibn Abdullah al Imam, from Yemen,